Everybody likes FREE stuff. So, here it is... FREE mp3 downloads of outgoing messages that you can use on your phone’s answering machine
and voice-mail!

“Movie stars”... “TV stars”... “cartoon characters” and more can now answer your calls when you’re not there... making your phone the most entertaining place ever to leave a message... and... they work on all answer machines and voice-mail systems.

Now... when your phone rings... “Hollywood” answers with these FREE “celebrity” messages.
Hope you enjoy ‘em!

Just download the files you like and follow the easy instructions below.
  • Convert the mp3 files and burn them to an audio CD.

  • Put the CD in a “boom-box” or portable CD player and select the message you want to use.

  • Play it and adjust for proper volume. Just before the message you’ll hear: “3-2-1”. Stop the CD and re-cue to that selection.

  • Place your CD player’s speaker 6 to 8 inches from your answer machine’s built-in microphone.

  • Activate your machine to “record” and then immediately push “play” on your CD player. Your answer machine will record the message from the sound coming out of the speaker. Follow your machine’s instructions for what to do once the message has ended.

  • If you’re using a voice-mail system, simply position your handset near the CD player’s speaker in a similar fashion to record the sound.


Downloads are Coming Soon!


The voices exhibited, presented and/or offered on this website are all vocal impressions, sound-alikes and parodies performed by actors and are NOT the actual voices of the celebrities and/or fictional characters portrayed nor are these portrayals meant in any way to represent that they are said actual voices. They are not for sale and/or re-sale and may not be used, duplicated, exhibited and/or distributed in any manner without the express written permission of Joel Gibbs Productions, Co. ©2005