JOEL GIBBS is an award-winning radio, TV and film writer/ producer/director and has provided the voice talent in over 10,000 projects worldwide. He’s known as “The Man Of A Thousand Voices”, though, the number is probably closer to, like... 783, but, y'know... marketing is everything.

In truth, his voice repertoire includes more than 100 “celebrity” impressions (not to mention an endless variety of characters and dialects. Oops! We mentioned them) that are heard worldwide everyday in movie trailers,

audio-books, station imaging, on-hold messages, medical narration, podcasts, animation, voice-mail greetings, audio-postcards, video games, political ads, ringtones, web audio, phone-prompts and countless other applications for agencies, studios, stations and advertisers everywhere... including thousands of radio & TV commercials for car dealers, furniture stores, restaurants, attorneys, jewelers, banks and virtually every imaginable category.

Since 1992, Joel has hosted America's most popular, nationally-syndicated movietalk radio programs: “The Movie Show”, “Everything Entertainment” and “Moviemania!” in dozens of markets across the U.S. His obsession, passion and borderline-insane knowledge of the film, television and music industries is the foundation for one of the most unique and original programs to ever hit the talkradio airwaves. Joel’s 90-second featurette, “The Movie Show Minute” has been broadcast on more than 400 radio stations with all the latest buzz about the movie industry, showbiz gossip, what’s new on video, entertainment news and more.

His “late-night” TV talkshow, “LiveWired” aired on the Comcast Network and earned him, as producer, writer, and host, a Cable Ace Award nomination and the national Telly Award for America’s “Best Talk Show”. During that time, he served as the features reporter and movie critic for Comcast’s “VIEWFINDER”. Currently, he appears on the Comcast Network as a regular panelist on CN8’s national TV show, “It's Your Call” and on SIRIUS Satellite Radio as the “go-to” movie and entertainment expert.